Tuesday, 6 August 2019

My Royal Court Book Tag - Original

I first created this original book tag on Books Amino April 13th 2018. Now thats its been over a year and I finally started my own blog I figured I would redo the tag so I can post the new version on here. I did change number 6 a little since I found the original question was a little too similar to another question. The tags is all about picking different fictional characters for your very own court. Ive added a list below of all the lovely people I could find that did the tag. I love seeing all your answers so feel free to do it even if I havent tagged you and let me know in the comments so I can add you to the list. If you've already done it and I didnt add you please let me know so I can do it. Now without further ado lets get into the tag.

1. Kingdom: Every Court Needs a Kingdom -What Fictional World Would You Rule Over

Gilded Wolves

Id love to rule over Paris 1889 with my court. We'd definitely do a better job then their past monarchs. Im looking at you Marie Antoinette. I picked this book not only for the time period and the atmospheric setting, but because of the awesome magic system. I also grew up speaking french at home so I feel like Id fit right in.

2. Consort: Life At The Top Can Get Lonely - Pick Your Partner in Crime (Book Crush)

Lingyi from the Want Duology

I feel like we would get a long great. Shes the perfect blend of sweet and outgoing to help bring me out of my shell. Shes also a great planner and leader which would make her a big help as my consort.

3. Heir: Someone Needs to Keep Your Legacy Going - Pick a Royal Character Who Deserves to Rule After You

Akeylah from the Rule Duology

After the way she delt with the court being in chaos gives me hope she can handle any obstacles she might face as a future ruler. Shes also had a difficult childhood thats made her great at reading other peoples emotions and emphatic to peoples troubles.

4. Royal Guard: Being a Ruler Comes With Many Dangers - Pick a Character You Trust To Have Your Back

Serina From Grace and Fury Duology

Shes a super loyal character and has become this kickass warrior of the course of the duology. I trust her to never betray me and do what needs to be done to protect me.

5. Adviser: Its Nice to Have Someone to Blame When Things Go Wrong - Pick a Character Who Usually Has Great Advice

Beatrice from Honor Among Thieves

Shes level headed and intelligent. Shes also considerate and caring, but still has nerves of steel and can handle trouble when it comes. The way she keeps her partner Zara grounded makes me believe she could be a great adviser.

6. Spy Master: Secrets Can Make or Break a Kingdom - Pick a Character Who Would Be Great At Discovering Nefarious Plots and Gathering Leverage On Your Enemies

Veronyka from Crown of Feathers

The way she infiltrated the Phoenix Riders gives me hope that she can be an awesome spy, especially with her ability to read minds she could uncover everyones dirty little secrets.

7. Diplomat: You Need Someone to Make Favorable Trade Deals, or Perhaps Prevent a War - Pick a Character Whos Great At Convincing/Manipulating Others

Theo from Ash Princess

I believe she would make a good diplomat because of the way she tricked the prince and convinced people to support her cause. If one deal fall apart I trust she will find another way.

8. General: Sometimes War Is Inevitable - Pick a Strategic Character to Defend Your Kingdom and Lead Your Army

Rasimira from Warrior of the Wild

Besides being a warrior, she also made a startegic plan to take take down a cruel god. On top of that she rallied and motivated the two boys to finish their quests. She learns a lot about leading people and I think that would make her an excellent general.

9. Court Magician: When Brutal Force Doesnt Work, Magic is the Answer - Pick a Character With Useful Power

Silas from Sorcery of Thorns

Bonding myself to Silas would give me access to his magic. Id have the ability to raise an army of the dead or bring statues to life, conjure a magical wip, among many other things.

10. Stable Master: All Life Must Flourish In Your Kingdom - Pick an Animal Companion

Kozu from the Last Namsara

A fierce dragon, black as night, with the ability to communication with me. A life spent riding through the skies and feeding him stories would be incredible.

11. Court Jester: Life As a Ruler Can Get Stressful -Pick a Book/Character That Made You Laugh

Cricket from Lifelike

This little robot is always cracking jokes about his size and making funny commentary during stressful situations. You can tell he cares deeply and just wants to cheer people up.

12. Usurper: There Will Always Be Someone After Your Throne - Pick a Villain Who Would Make a Worthy Opponent

Rielle from Furyborn

I think her own self importance and power has gone to head. She would feel like she deserves the crown more than me and try to take it by force. Shes also very powerful and cunning so would definitely make a worthy opponent.

13. Nobles: The Courts Life Blood - Who Do You Tag?


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